Consumer Products

Discover one of the most comprehensive product ranges of silver oxide batteries for all your uses in the field of watches and electronic equipment, as well as zinc air batteries for hearing aid devices.



Industrial Products

Explore Renata’s wide range of quality primary 3V Lithium coin cell (with tabs and holders), 1.55V silver oxide coin cell and rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion/Polymer battery solutions for almost all kinds of industrial and medical applications.


Silver Oxide 0% Mercury

Since End 2010, the complete range of Silver Oxide 0% Mercury batteries is available.

Please check out our 0% mercury battery line for low drain applications (analogue and digital watches without added functions) and high drain applications (analogue and digital watches with extra functions, games, cameras etc.)


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New Battery Holders Released

Renata has released two new battery holder types.

Follow the News link for more details.

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